More information has come out about the attempted murder of a driver who didn’t see a BLM ‘protester’ standing in the middle of a busy street in the middle of the night.

The driver hit the BLM retard, while other protesters attempted to block the car in while multiple “peaceful protesters” brandished guns and started shooting at the car, attempting to kill the driver — who turned out to be a black woman!

From the City of Ferguson Media Department:

Two Cars Hit as Multiple Gunman Open Fire After Unidentified Protestor Is Hit

Several people armed with guns are now believed to have fired multiple shots outside a protest on West Florissant Avenue last night. No one was injured from the gunfire; however police now say 2 cars were hit by many of the bullets coming from different directions. Police are now following leads and contacting local hospitals in search of the man injured during the accident that sparked the violent ordeal.

The investigation into what happened continues today as Ferguson police continue looking for suspects and the man hit by a car driven by an African American woman. It happened Tuesday night just after dark on West Florissant Avenue where 75-100 people were protesting.

Police say a protestor ignored several warnings about blocking West Florissant by standing in the street. At one point the man was standing in the middle of the busy street when he was hit by a car coming Southbound on West Florissant. Within seconds police say there was gunfire coming from different directions aimed at the female drivers Chevy Impala. The driver was not hit; however the car was struck numerous times. The driver was too afraid to stop as she left the scene to contact police.

Who the fuck could blame her? She was fleeing for her life from a terrorist lynch mob trying to kill her!

Investigators now say a second car was caught in the blaze of gunfire when it was also hit several times. Police say 2 people were at a stoplight when their Nissan Altima was shot during the chaotic scene. No one in the vehicle was injured.

Police still have no details on what happened to the man hit by the car, or his identity. People at the scene rushed the man away from the area before emergency responders arrived.

Police talked to the African American driver who is believed to have accidentally hit the man. She says she was distracted by the amount of protestors along West Florissant as she was driving at night.

LOL, the protesters on the side of the road distracted her from the lone dumbfuck standing in the middle of the road.

 Police say all evidence supports the driver’s account of not seeing a person standing in the street, until it was too late to stop before hitting them.

The investigation is ongoing and we will provide updates as new details develop.

It’s clear at this point that BLM is just a terrorist anti-police anarchist organization that has no pretenses of being peaceful — despite what the globalist media wants to shove down our throats. The Black Lives Matter goons have even turned against one of their own leaders, threatening to kill him and his family unless he leaves town, all because he held a BLM rally that got shot at by a black thief, and the rally-goers chased him down and held him until the cops came.

Just holding an attempted murderer who shot at a crowd of 75 black people until the police come is enough to trigger these anarchist terrorists into wanting to murder your entire family. If BLM tries to hold your car hostage, there’s no telling what they will do to you. Even the police won’t blame you for plowing through a violent mob and speeding off — it’s only self defense. BLM is getting more violent and more extreme every day. There’s no telling what they might do next.

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