Police departments across the country are warning motorists to put their ‘Pokémon Go’ mobile gaming apps on hold while they drive.

The popular game utilizes a technology known as augmented reality to superimpose Pokémon onto the player’s actual environment through the cell phone’s camera. Users are encouraged to travel throughout the real world in order to build their stats by locating different items and creatures.

The Texas Department of Transportation released a Facebook post Wednesday telling drivers in the Lone Star State to focus on driving, not catching Pikachu.

Arizona’s Department of Transportation also felt the need to emblazon a warning message on its highway signs to drivers, followed by a message telling them that “No Pokémon is worth” your life.

“Driving and gaming don’t mix,” the Arizona DoT said on its Facebook page.

A sheriff’s office in Virginia also recently warned players not to trespass on private property while running the app.

“The Goochland County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia noted that deputies have located a number of people going to businesses, churches and government buildings when they are closed to look for Pokemon characters,” reports KTLA.

The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department also sent a message telling distracted motorists playing the game to obtain a designated driver.

Washington, Ohio, Minnesota and Florida law enforcement agencies have issued similar warnings:

Reports indicate the popular app has already caused accidents on motorways.

A driver in upstate New York struck a tree with his vehicle Tuesday night and later admitted to officers he was distracted while playing Pokémon Go.

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