October 15, 2012

Joshua Owens, a top 10 finalist in the highly competitive Infowars reporter contest, has once again produced an outstanding music video that, in his own words, is “geared towards waking people up and informing others of the disaster we are facing if we continue to sit back and do nothing.”

Obviously Owens’ video was influenced by this month’s Infowars Magazine, which depicts humanity’s gradual transformation into robots. From tattooing barcodes into the skin, to actually receiving implantable microchips, people are being conditioned into a technological dependence as part of a grander technocratic scheme to surveil, track and dominate us.

You too can help “humanity rise” by fueling our efforts through the Infowars Money Bomb, being held October 18-19th where we plan to unleash a special 48 hour broadcast, to be televised LIVE on If we all contribute in our own ways, we are bound to start seeing a mass awakening and hopefully, together, we can realize true change.

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