A spokesperson for the Muslim Council of Britain expressed his ‘disappointment’ at the media today for accurately reporting that the Islamic terrorist who killed 3 people and injured a dozen more in Strasbourg shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the attack.

“Disappointing to see BBC and Sky News lead with “Allahu Akbar” in their headline on the awful shooting in #Strasbourg vs. ITV and Al Jazeera who are being far more responsible,” tweeted Miqdaad Versi, adding, “This matters and it’s wrong.”

“Incidental bits of information do not deserve to be headlines and the only rationale is if one is playing to an established link in readers’ minds between Allahu Akbar & terror,” he added.

However, the “established link” between Allahu Akbar and terror was not established by the media, it was established by Islamic terrorists who routinely shout the refrain during attacks.

Versi appears to be more upset at the media accurately reporting details about the attack than the attack itself.

In addition, Versi himself posted numerous other tweets where he drew attention to what a right-wing terrorist had shouted (“Britain first”) during the murder of MP Jo Cox, rendering him a complete hypocrite.

Respondents to his tweet called out Versi for his pedantic behavior.

“The media spokesperson for the Muslim Council of Britain is upset that British media does not report on Islamic terrorist attacks in in the same manner that Qatar state run media (Al Jazeera) does,” commented Far Left Watch.

“Words *shouted* before murder are not incidental bits of information,” remarked another Twitter user.

“If he yelled “white power” I’m sure it would be reported as it should be,” commented another.

“If he had been christian and shouted: “the devil will take you sinners”, you expect us to believe that you wouldn’t want that to be reported?” asked another. “No, correct, impartial & consequence neutral information is vital at this time. Anybody who says anything different is hiding something.”


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