The mainstream media in America has completely ignored a bombshell story about a Muslim doctor in in Ohio who admitted to deliberately giving Jewish people the wrong medications.

27-year-old Lara Kollab was fired from her position as an Internal Medicine Resident at the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, after tweets were uncovered in which she spread anti-Semitic hatred on Twitter for at least 6 years.

The tweets, collected by the Canary Mission website, include trivilization of the Holocaust, open support for terrorist groups and comparisons of Israel to Nazi Germany.

However, by far the most disturbing tweet was her response to another Twitter user when she remarked, “Hahha ewww..ill purposely give all the yahood the wrong meds.”


“Yahood” is a derogatory term that Muslims use to refer to Jews.

The only media outlet in the United States to pick up the story was the Hill. Outside of America, only RT and the Daily Mail have covered it so far.

Every major television news network and newspaper in the country has otherwise ignored it.

One wonders what the media reaction would have been if a right-wing Christian doctor had admitted to giving Muslims or black people the wrong medication – probably national outrage.

As for this story – it’s nothing but crickets.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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