A Canadian Muslim from Pakistan describes how witnessing the dark side of Sharia Law made her realize how free people are in Western society.

In Islam a lot of Christians and Muslims are persecuted because they’re different. My family members have seen people accused of blasphemy law tied to the back of cars and dragged through the streets and killed that way.

controversial law proposal called M-103 that attacks free-speech under the guise of fighting Islamophobia has been called “draconian” by many Canadians.

The woman was interviewed while attending an M-103 protest and was called “Nazi scum” and a “white supremacist” by leftist protesters who according to her, “wouldn’t last a single day living under Sharia law.”

“There’s a Christian girl who’s a refugee and was accused of blasphemy, but she escaped with her life and made it to Canada. Can you imagine how she feels when something similar to the blasphemy law she escaped from is being implemented here in Canada?”

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