Editor’s note: At this time it is impossible to determine the veracity of the implication that the driver is a so-called “right wing extremist.” We have seen false flag incidents in the past to incite violence and propagandize sympathy for Islamic extremists. The example of the staged image of the “dead” child supposedly washed up on the Greek shoreline comes to mind. We will continue to monitor this story and report on the facts as they become more apparent. As always, Infowars decries the actions of direct violence and any attempt to attach that violence to peaceful demonstrations against the encroaching anti-west, anti-human ideologies that drive and fuel Islamic fundamentalism.

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Shocking footage has emerged of a Muslim woman being mown down by a car in a hit-and-run during an anti-Islam rally in the Brussels district of Molenbeek. 

Video footage of the incident shows the white Audi A1, which had ploughed through a police road block, driving head-on into the woman as she crossed the road.

The woman was thrown off the car’s bonnet and skidded along the road, while the driver continued moving forward and appeared to run over her legs.

The passenger even appears to lean out of the window to take a photo after breaking through the police barricade.

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