Radical jihadi Muslims in Germany are warning their hosts what they can expect in the future.

The banner above was attached to an autobahn overpass in Sindelfingen, Germany, near a Mercedes Factory.

It reads: “Your children will pray to Allah or die.”

There was no claim of responsibility for the message and the threat was not reported by the German media.

The media, however, has reported on opposition to the Muslim invasion in a negative light.

From the Express today:

Police in the besieged nation have been confronted with its worst period of violence and civil unrest since the days of Hitler’s Nazis as anger over Angela Merkel’s open door policy reaches boiling point.

The specter of the 1930’s Third Reich brown shirts looms large as far right protestors are openly conducting running battles in the street targeting refugees – as well as journalists and politicians who support their cause – in brutal attacks.

Moderate politicians have been drowned out at rallies and one was even stabbed in the throat by a neo-Nazi madman, leading a top German magazine to declare: “The hate is back.”

Security sources in Germany, which has taken in more migrants and refugees than any other European country, say they have seen a sharp rise in violence linked to right-wing extremism in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, violence and rape committed by illegal immigrants has been largely ignored. A few headlines from Infowars.com over the last few weeks:

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