As you watch the video below, remember that almost every member of the Mainstream Media has been siding with Michelle Fields and against the Trump campaign for what Fields described as a violent moment that terrified her and one she would never want to have happen to someone else. She even filed a police report outlining the what she has repeatedly described as an “assault.”

She claimed Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski forcefully grabbed her and almost pulled her down onto the ground as she attempted to ask Donald Trump a question following a post-election night presser.

Now the most recent video showing what actually took place is proving highly damaging to Michelle Fields’ credibility.

Now as you watch what is the latest, and undeniably the best video of what actually happened between Michelle Fields and Corey Lewandowski, remember that this woman claims she was assaulted, and filed an official police report saying as much. She posted a photo of bruises on her forearm and claimed Lewandowski put them there after grabbing her and almost pulling her to the ground. (pay attention to where Lewandowski actually touches Ms. Fields – on the UPPER arm, nowhere near the area she later claimed was left bruised. Some have suggested she faked those bruises. This video gives significant credence to that claim and places Mr. Fields in potentially troubled legal waters. Filing a false police report against someone is serious crime.

If you saw the Megyn Kelly interview you will recall how tearful Michelle Fields was as she struggled to retell the “horror” of what was done to her. You will also likely recall Megyn Kelly shaking her head and declaring how she couldn’t believe, “it has come to this.”

That’s true, it is difficult to watch the lying, hateful, vitriol being promoted by the Mainstream Media against Donald Trump.

Here’s the video. Share it far and wide so that others can finally know the truth of what is being done and demand figures like Megyn Kelly and others apologize for their misrepresentation of this story immediately. As for Michelle Fields, her future will be decided by her employer, Breitbart News, and the legal authorities involved in her seeming and willful misrepresentation of fact:

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