In a Monday appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Obama Border Patrol chief Mark Morgan countered the left’s false narrative that America is experiencing record lows of illegal immigration, saying, “We are facing skyrocketing numbers at the border.”

Elaborating, Morgan said, “The difference between the 90s and the 2000s are the demographics. In the 2000s we had a million, but 90% of them, Tucker, were removed. This year, we could reach a million.”

“The difference is because they’re family units and children we will release 65% of that million, 650,000, into the interior United States. That’s the difference. It’s a crisis,” he stressed.

Tucker asked Morgan how many of the 650,000 figure would ultimately be deported and the former Border Patrol Chief explained how current asylum laws allow illegal immigrants to appeal their court hearings and stay in the country.

“That’s basically a lower court creating amnesty. So basically as a family unit seeking asylum, you’re here indefinitely,” Morgan explained.

Carlson asked, “So in other words, all the propaganda we were hearing last year about child separations and you saw all the people crying on television about it and ‘Trump’s a Nazi’ and all this stuff, that was all a pretext for setting up a system where nobody can be deported?”

“That’s absolutely correct and they knew that,” Morgan replied, adding, “So now, the kids are being used as pawns. We actually have information that kids are being trafficked across and then sent back to Mexico and they come back across with another adult so they can all enter the United States.”

When Tucker asked Morgan why the facts aren’t being covered by most news outlets, the former head of Border Patrol insisted, “This is being driven by political ideology rather than doing what’s in the best interest of the safety and security of this nation as well as those illegally entering.”

He finished by saying, “Kids are being abused and used as pawns more and more every day because Congress won’t do their job Tucker.”

It’s worth noting that the 650,000 illegal immigrants reportedly entering the country this year are only people who were apprehended at the border.

When adding the number of illegals who sneak into the country without being caught, the number is conservatively well over 1 million.

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