Footage shows two attackers run off when a man pulls his handgun out while being assaulted near Chicago’s Magnificent Mile neighborhood.

This example of how the 2nd Amendment can stop violent crimes comes two days after Chicago police arrested 21 people in the same part of town.

Notice in the video below how those observing the scuffle from inside a McDonald’s do nothing to help and instead sit silently until the man shows his handgun, prompting the patrons to shriek in fear.

There is an irony here that shouldn’t be ignored.

The man being attacked is wearing some sort of security guard outfit, which is likely why he’s allowed to carry a weapon in the first place as Chicago has some of the most strict gun policies in the country.

Chicago also has one of the highest violent crime rates in the country, but statistics show crime would drop if it were easier for law-abiding citizens like the man in the video to carry.

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