The 2019 Women’s March demonstration took place over the weekend in Washington D.C. and across the nation, and it was not without its disturbing moments.

Video captured throughout the event shows women threatening violence, cursing, hailing Iran and Islam, denigrating America, and demonizing Republicans.

Some signs at the marches appeared to disparage white males, while others said things like “Pussy is God,” “Sex Work is Work,” and “Welcome to the Bitchdom – We’re Done Being Quiet!”

The Women’s March has come under fire after the organizers like Sharia activist Linda Sarsour were found with ties to anti-Semitism and Louis Farrakhan, which has prompted several prominent Democrats to abandon their support for the group.

The University of Georgia is now allowing philosophy lecturer Irami Osei-Frimpong, aka “The Funky Academic”, to spew anti-white propaganda. Alex exposes the decades old globalist agenda to brainwash black American youth only to control them.

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