Bulk quantities of plastic explosives, blasting gear being purchased

Steve Peacock
April 9, 2014

Image via WND.com
Image via WND.com

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, or ATF, is planning to take possession of a 180-pound shipment of plastic explosives accompanied by blasting wire measuring hundreds of thousands of feet.

This won’t take place through an enforcement seizure, however, but via bulk direct purchase for its own use.

Some of ATF’s areas of responsibility include monitoring the explosives industry, providing state and local prosecutorial-staff explosives training, and investigating the illegal use and possession of explosives.

Specific bureau plans for the materials, however, remain undetermined. Calls to ATF’s Public and Government Affairs Unit seeking explanation each were met with a busy signal.

Coinciding with its acquisition of explosives is a major ATF investigation into the reported theft of high explosives from a Montana warehouse.

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