Prior to UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak presenting his first budget package Wednesday, TV viewers were questioning why a folder he was seen carrying magically changed color from red to green.

On Wednesday, keen Sky News viewers noticed a red binder reading “Chancellor of the Exchequer” carried by Sunak as he walked down Downing Street changed instantly into a green binder after he passed a vehicle.

Here’s another view:

Notably, the folder changes color just before the Sky News reporter mentions a “green” budget:

“It’s a critical year for tackling climate change and the government is committed to reaching net zero by 2050, but how much will coronavirus impact what many believe would be a green budget?”

This photo, from Sunday, March 8, shows Sunak carrying what appears to be the same folder:

Embed from Getty Images

Theories soon began swirling on social media, with many unsure what to make of the sudden color shift.

One person suggested it could be some mischievous video editor.

The £600 billion budget is meant to power the UK through “a decade of growth for everybody,” according to the chancellor, and also addresses economic concerns over the coronavirus.

More on this as it develops…

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