Peter Roff, writing for U.S. News & World Report, notes how the art of political satire has withered under the reign of Obama. “From Mark Twain to Will Rodgers, from Fred Allen to Mort Sahl, Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, humorists, clowns and comedians have made taking shots at politicians their bread and butter. Until Barack Obama that is,” Roff writes.

“In days past, making fun of the president, not just his policies but the man himself, was no big deal. Some, like FDR, Kennedy and Reagan, appeared to take it in stride and were able to give as good as they got. Others, like Nixon, found little to laugh at. Obama is different. People are all too sensitive about what passes for funny where he is concerned, lest it displace him from the pedestal on which his supporters have placed him.”

Corporate media liberals exploit “racist” rodeo skit in brazen effort to tarnish political opposition.

Roff suggests this intolerance may be related to “what might be called a latent insecurity about his job performance,” a valid point, but one that skirts a larger reality. Early on in Obama’s presidency, even during his election campaign, it was considered racist and inappropriate to criticize him or his policies, which are, of course, the policies of the establishment and the global elite, not Obama the man from Chicago who came to the job with little experience beyond community organizing and terms as an Illinois and U.S. senator.

Our globalist rulers executed a master stroke when they turned legitimate criticism and political opposition into a racial crime. This tradition will continue when Hillary Clinton is elected in 2016. It will then be sexist to criticize the government, a crime nearly as serious as racism according to establishment Democrats who wield the weapon of political correctness against the opposition. They are determined to mete out the worst possible response and punishment and drum out their political opponents once and for all under the pall of hate crime.

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