The historic Betsy Ross flag associated with the American Revolution is racist, the NAACP claims.

The flag, which represents the 13 colonies by using stars arranged in a circle, was described by the NAACP Greater Grand Rapids Branch of Michigan as a symbol of the “racist” Patriot movement.

Chapter president Cle J. Jackson attacked the flag after Forest Hills Center High School students brought one to a Sept. 9 football game alongside a Trump flag.

“Celebrating flags co-opted by exclusionary movements, held next to political banners of a presidential candidate who has offended people of color and immigrants, and accompanied by chants of ‘Go home’ by some students at a majority White school to players at a predominantly African-American school are not coincidences by unaware students,” he said. “They are intentional actions of intimidation and rooted in no agenda other than to insult, to injure, and to incite.”

Even if there were racist students present, as he claims, that doesn’t mean the Betsy Ross flag by itself is racist.

If a white supremacist walked down the street carrying a NAACP banner while chanting racial slurs, does that make the NAACP banner racist? Of course not.

Interestingly, during the nationwide purge of the Confederate flag in 2015, radio host Rush Limbaugh warned the US flag would be next.

“The American flag has flown over a slave nation much longer than the Confederate flag did, folks. The American flag has flown over all kinds of atrocities,” he said, calling the purge an “all-out assault on what the left thinks is a last remaining enclave of solid Republican voters, and that is the South.”

He had a good point, but the issue goes even deeper than partisan politics.

The real reason why the Betsy Ross flag is under attack just like the rebel flag is because there’s an establishment agenda to purge anything that represents resistance to central authority.

The claim that both flags are “racist” is just a convenient excuse pushed by the establishment to convince people to purge the flags.

And the purge isn’t just targeting “solid Republican voters” like Limbaugh claims but populism and nationalism in general.

As long as people cherish historic symbols of freedom, they will never bow down to oppressive authority.

“He who becomes master of a city accustomed to freedom and does not destroy it, may expect to be destroyed by it, for in rebellion it has always the watch-word of liberty and its ancient privileges as a rallying point, which neither time nor benefits will ever cause it to forget,” noted 16th-century historian Niccolò Machiavelli wrote as advice to tyrants.

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