Ted Cruz said outside a pancake house in Indianapolis, Indiana, he will make a major announcement about his campaign this afternoon. “We’ll be making a major announcement so I encourage folks to come and join us,” he said.

Speculation is rife Cruz will announce a running mate following a slew of defeats on Super Tuesday. The only vice presidential pick the Cruz team is known to have been vetting is the former Hewlett-Packard chief executive and failed candidate Carly Fiorina.

“The most important attribute for any running mate is that he or she should be prepared to step in and fulfill the role of president, be commander in chief, keep this country safe, and champion jobs, freedom and security. My No. 1 priority as president is jobs, freedom and security,” Cruz responded when asked about a possible running mate.

“Frankly, he’s wasting his time because he won’t be the nominee,” frontrunner Donald Trump said on Wednesday. He said Fiorina “had the one good debate. She went up, then she dropped like a rock and never resonated with the people. So, I mean, Carly is not going to do the trick.”

Cruz said he is relying on the voters in Indiana to use “Midwestern common sense” and cast their vote against Trump on May 3.

“Donald Trump likes to parachute in like Mick Jagger—show up a football stadium and give some performance,” he said. “Well, this country is not a reality show.”

Despite parceled out delegates in Colorado, Wyoming and North Dakota, Cruz has little chance of becoming the Republican presidential nominee. The math is stacked against him.

Donald Trump now has 954 delegates and Cruz 562. Cruz needs 677 delegates to reach 1,237 delegates and there are only 622 available.

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