A “Patriot Prayer Rally” scheduled in San Francisco is being blocked by Nancy Pelosi who called the meeting a white supremacist event.

The rally’s organizer Joey Gibson joined Tucker Carlson to confirm that it has nothing to do with white supremacy and only one of the eight planned speakers is white.

“It’s really just about what’s on the inside. What you believe, your heart, your soul. It has nothing to do with skin color,” Gibson said.

Gibson also added, “I can give you my word that we aren’t going to allow any white supremacists in, we’re not going to let any Nazi’s in. In fact our speakers will be very upset, because they’re all of color, if we have any Nazi’s or white supremacists in there.”

Gibson explained how Pelosi calling the event a white supremacist meeting is an irresponsible lie that only causes more division and puts the speakers and attendees in danger.

“What she’s doing is making it more dangerous for San Francisco. She’s trying to rile up her citizens so they’ll come down and chase us out and it’s going to create more violence and put more people in danger.”

He closed out the segment by asking, “How would you feel as a white supremacist if you went to a rally and there was only one white speaker?”

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