Kurt Nimmo
March 25, 2012

Few argue that smoking is bad for you. However, in Elk Grove, outside of Sacramento, California, government bureaucrats are ready to exploit this fact in order to outlaw people from smoking in their homes.

The Elk Grove city council will take up the ban this week, according to CBS Sacramento. The ordinance would outlaw smoking in all apartments in the city.

CBS quotes people who favor the unwarranted expansion of state power over the individual. “I think it’s a pretty good idea,” one apartment resident told the television station. “I think it’s harmful to the human body and especially to younger kids who live here,” said another.

CBS notes that the law is uncalled for because “hundreds of apartment complexes in Elk Grove are already smoke-free. Property owners – many argue – have made the move without government intervention.”

The decisions of property owners are irrelevant to the state, though. It will impose myriad laws at gunpoint – no matter how pointless or destructive (consider drug laws) – because that is what government does.

Out of control government invariably runs roughshod over the rights of the individual and property owners. It has done so for so long and with such impunity that many people now think government regulation of human behavior is a good thing.

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