Kurt Nimmo
April 17, 2009

Now that the Bush administration created and Obama administration revised “rightwing extremism” DHS document has become a “political football,” as Rep. Jane Harman calls it, the government has kicked into damage control mode.

DHS secretary Napolitano addresses the "word-smithing" issue on Fox News.

Homeland Security spokeswoman Amy Kudwa said the report was issued before officials resolved problems raised by the agency’s civil rights division, CNSNews reports.

It is not the document’s overall assertion that veterans, anti-abortion activists and pro-Second Amendment advocates are “rightwing extremists,” it is rather, according to DHS secretary Janet Napolitano, a “word-smithing” problem.

Napolitano points to a footnote in the document that defines “rightwing extremism” as “groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration.”

“If there’s one part of that report I would rewrite, in the word-smithing, Washington-ese that goes on after the fact, it would be that footnote,” Napolitano said Thursday on Fox News.

Napolitano earlier put her full support behind the document and its conclusions. “Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Thursday dismissed criticism of an intelligence assessment by her agency that says some military veterans could be susceptible to extremist recruiters or commit lone acts of violence,” the Associated Press reports.

She characterized criticism of the document as “political spinning” and said the findings have been taken out of context.

Michael "Savage" Weiner on the DHS document and his lawsuit against the government.

Regardless of Napolitano’s effort to save face, the fact remains the DHS and the FBI have a long history of attempting to demonize and criminalize as “terrorists” various groups and individuals opposed to the government and government policies. The FBI in particular has indoctrinated local law enforcement for decades to the “threat” posed by anti-war organizations and more recently with the addition of the DHS patriot groups.

As Infowars pointed out yesterday, the DHS document now under scrutiny was originally produced during the Bush administration, thus demonstrating the process of demonizing and criminalizing groups and individuals opposed to the government is not partisan, as some critics now claim. It is a consistent policy regardless of who sits in the White House.

On April 16, radio talk show host Michael “Savage” Weiner, who has accused the Obama administration of following a Marxist or communist trajectory, filed suit against Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security.

The lawsuit claims the DHS “encourages law enforcement officers throughout the nation to target and report citizens to federal officials as suspicious rightwing extremists and potential terrorists because of their political beliefs.”

In fact, the DHS and the FBI encourage law enforcement to target all government opponents regardless of ideological persuasion.

[efoods]Barbara Anderson of WEBCommentary wonders why Hamas and al-Qaeda are not included in the document.

Hamas and al-Qaeda are government created front organizations designed to hype the threat of terrorism and allow government to attack target populations and grow authoritarian police state programs devised to limit civil liberties at home.

Hamas was a creation of Israel’s Mossad, a fact documented by Zeev Sternell, historian at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and reported by Richard Sale of United Press International.

As documented by the BBC and dozens of researchers, al-Qaeda is a fabrication and in fact does not exist as a terrorist organization. London Metropolitan Police Commissioner Ian Blair admitted as much when he said, “Al Qaeda is not an organization.”

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