A NASA rover that is probing the surface of Mars, has found what appears to be a spoon on the sandy surface of the Red Planet. 

Some people believe this is further proof that intelligent life exists or has existed on Mars.

The spoon is, in fact, the second one found on Mars. Previously, scientists have also found what appears to be gloves and a ring on the surface of the planet.

There are some scientists, however, are skeptical that this proves anything and claim that these objects are not signs of intelligent life. They state that assigning familiar characteristics to objects is a very human trait, and that what we see may be something else entirely.

A YouTuber who goes by the name UFO Hunter uploaded video of the spoon, claiming it could be leftover from a lost civilization on Mars. Many viewers were enthusiastic that since this was the second utensil that has been found, this is definitive proof of life on the Red Planet.

Other users, however, said they thought the spoon instead was an optical illusion.

One added, “We see what we want to see. Some folks see the face of Jesus in tea-leaves, others see the man in the moon.”

While the spoon is just one more piece of evidence for alien theorists, in June, the Mars Rover also discovered what some believed to be a small apartment building. Scott Waring, alien conspiracy theorist, believes that this is definitive proof of NASA attempting to cover up proof that a civilization exists on Mars.

Around that time, the Rover captured what appeared to be a skull, which sent many alien spotters into a frenzy.

However, scientists say the most likely explanation for most of this is not that we are seeing skulls, rings, gloves, spoons and apartments on Mars, but rather the surface or Martian rocks have taken odd shapes that we are mistaking for human objects.

So far, there has been no definitive proof of intelligent life on Mars, such as any alien creatures interacting with the Rover.

Instead, we’re all left to speculate on whether the “spoon” is proof of life or not.

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