Editor’s note: Graphic video, viewer discretion is advised.

NASCAR star Tony Stewart hit and killed fellow-driver Carl Ward Jr. during an altercation at a Sprint Car race in New York on Saturday night. The question is: will criminal charges be filed?

The confrontation began on the previous lap when Stewart appeared to push Ward into the fence (“wall,” for you non-racing fans), causing the 20-year-old driver to spin out and crash. Ward then jumped out of his car and angrily walked down the track – waiting for Stewart to come back around.

In the video, several cars can be seen ducking under the visibly-angry driver. Just prior to the impact, the driver of a blue-and-white car clearly sees Ward and swerves to avoid him.

A split-second before striking Ward, Stewart revs his engine. While some reports say the rear of Stewart’s car kicked out as a result, causing him to hit Ward, the video suggests he hit the young driver before the rear of his car came around.

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