A promise to remove National Guard troops from Ferguson, Mo. has yet to be fulfilled despite Gov. Jay Nixon’s withdrawal order last Thursday afternoon.

After arriving last Monday to “ensure the safety and welfare of the citizens,” National Guard troops have remained stationed at the law enforcement-run Unified Command Center several miles from the protest area.

Local residents, believing the drawdown would take several hours at most given the National Guard’s relatively small presence, were perplexed to find troops posted in the exact same location four days later.

The absence of a drawdown timeline following the initial withdrawal announcement has only served to cause more distrust among those in Ferguson, who see a pattern of misinformation coming from law enforcement officials.

Alissa Kokkins, a journalist with The Anti-Media, was stopped by the National Guard early Sunday morning while heading to a Ferguson press conference.

The National Guard has been posted there every time we have gone, guarding that standing army of police that gathers in the strip mall,” Kokkins told Infowars. “I asked a National Guardsman how he felt about his job guarding the police and was met with silence. The National Guard that remain in Ferguson are 100 percent here to guard the cops and only the cops.”

This comes only days after the Infowars crew confronted similar disinformation from Missouri State Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson, who repeatedly gave inaccurate statistics regarding arrests of protesters and journalists.

During last Tuesday morning’s press conference, Johnson claimed that no journalists were among the 31 arrests made that morning. It was quickly learned that multiple journalists including The Intercept’s Ryan Devereaux and Getty Images’ Scott Olson were both held in jail.

Several days later as media cameras dwindled, Johnson attempted to have Infowars cameraman Marcos Morales arrested for demanding to know why journalists were continuing to be targeted.

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