Gov’t workers say ‘terrorists could have damaged memorials’

Darryl Fears
Washington Post
Oct. 15, 2013

Are some World War II veterans angry that the memorial created in their honor is off limits because of the partial government shutdown? You bet they are. The old warriors and their friends stormed passed barriers at the site Sunday, carried a few of the gates to the White House and tussled with police.

Now, some Republicans are accusing the Obama administration of political theater — of deliberately keeping the memorial closed to punctuate the pain caused by the shutdown and federal worker furloughs. Administration officials deny that, and counter that the Republicans were largely responsible for the shutdown in the first place.

As National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis prepares for a grilling before House Republicans on Wednesday, he and other officials say the Park Service has had no choice but to padlock the National World War II Memorial, one of the most popular venues on the Mall. Here, they say, is why:

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