Adan Salazar
May 23, 2012

photoBrian Church (L), Jared Chase, and Brent Vincent Betterly

The defense attorneys for the three men arrested and accused of plotting terror attacks days before the NATO summit, known now as the ‘NATO 3,’ are claiming that the charges were fabricated in order to justify intensifying security measures and legitimizing the use of force against other protesters.

The 3, Brian Church of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 20, Jared Chase of Keene, NH, 24, and Brent Vincent Betterly of Oakland Park, FL, 24, stand accused of plotting to blow up police cars, financial institutions, and Barack Obama’s campaign headquarters using molotov cocktails.

That all of this drama is just a sheer hoax comes as no surprise.

Days before the NATO summit, the AP reported the three men were ‘in shock and have no idea where these charges are coming from.’

From the start, defense attorneys were calling charges against their clients contrived. Kris Hermes, spokesman for the Chicago chapter of the National Lawyers Guild and lawyer to the 3, stated Monday, “This is an example of how police use tactics to create hysteria, spread fear and intimidation.” He further stated that “There is absolutely no evidence of molotov cocktails or any other criminal activity going on at this building.”

The Guardian reported Sarah Gelsomino, of the Peoples’ Law Office, also found the allegations suspicious: “We cannot say enough that we believe that these charges are absolutely … very trumped up charges” she elaborated, “Clearly in an attempt to continue this intimidation campaign on activists. Charging these people who are here to peacefully protest against NATO for terrorism, when in reality the police have been terrorizing activists in Chicago, is absolutely outrageous.”

Gelsomino also included an astute observation: “All three of these guys, interestingly, were in the car about a week ago that was stopped and harassed by the Chicago police department,” Gelsomino said. “They then posted that video online in an attempt to expose that police misconduct. Each of those three are now being charged with these crimes.”

As covered, police were ‘smacking anybody that was close enough for their batons.’ The Chicago Sun-Times reported “Chicago Police in riot gear battled with angry “Black Bloc” protesters at Michigan and Cermak on Sunday, with officers raining down baton blows, pushing taunting protesters back and leaving some bloody.”

On the other hand, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel believed that the officers exemplified ‘dramatic restraint’ during the protests, and even went so far as to award the officers with a night out at the ballpark.

As suspected, the “Nato 3” were scapegoats; a false flag attempt to incite fear in the public in order to justify the NATO police state. The allegations against the three have been manufactured and will not stand up to scrutiny with the lack of evidence to convict them.

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