Hot on the heels of George Soros’ warnings that we stand on the verge of World War 3, demanding Washington back off its anti-Yuan pressure, it appears “the good guys” are fighting back with their own good-cop, bad-cop propaganda. As Sputnik News reports, General hans-Lothar Domrose, NATO Commander of the Brunssum Allied Joint Force Command, said in an interview with German magazine Focus Online that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a tough-minded, forward-thinking politician who is capable of foreseeing situations, but also regards him as a dangerous “gambler,” who “is willing to use nuclear weapons against NATO troops.”

Soros previously noted,

…unless the U.S. makes ‘major concessions’ and allows China’s currency to join the IMF’s basket of currencies, “there is a real danger China will align itself with Russia politically and militarily, and then the threat of world war becomes real.”

And so NATO has decided to make it clear just who the bad gyuys are in any equation of global thermonuclear war (as Sputnik News reports),

General Hans-Lothar Domröse, Commander of Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum (The Netherlands) has revealed what NATO thinks of Russian President Putin.
In his interview with the German magazine Focus Online, Domröse called the Russian leader a tough-minded, forward-thinking politician who is capable of foreseeing the situation.

The general, however, added that Putin is a “gambler”, which might be dangerous. Unfortunately the general did not elaborate any further.

General Domröse also emphasized that neither NATO nor he personally consider Russia an enemy; at the worse, the country is seen as a potential threat. He stressed that no one in the alliance is interested in waging war; their purpose, rather, is to defend. He said that President Putin is aware of that, and that allows the general to sleep well.

The general is however concerned that President Putin might be willing to use nuclear weapons against NATO troops.

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The full interview (via Focus Online – Google Translate)NATO General Hans-Lothar Domröse on the new rapid reaction force, and the threat of Russia

General, we are not already at war with Russia – in a propaganda war?

The Russian propaganda machine is running and acts. We will reply to the west on the truth quickly, and we gloss over anything. It may there be exceptions, but it is the principle. However, it is an old Russian tradition, matters only not admit it then to comment in a different light, and finally to make a U-turn. Let’s take the example of the Crimea. It was said at the beginning: We are not. Then it was: Yes, there are also Russian soldiers. But they’re on vacation . Soldier on vacation with equipment so. The summit was then entering into argument of President Putin: I had to intervene there.

Should the West respond with counter-propaganda?

He must not be primarily be lulled. I can understand the concern of our Baltic friends who warn repeatedly: Warning, not fall for the Russian scam. We have to be straight and honest go our way. Let the differences quietly made: We stick to the truth.

How is the Russian military presence in and around the Ukrainian troubled region?

The Russian armed forces are permanently very active since the beginning of Ukraine crisis in the air. We have over 300 airspace violations or fast-injury. On Russian territory at a location nearby Ukraine regiments, classic combat units. We also have time with Special Forces dealing with jeans and sunglasses, the seep.

They currently rely on a highly mobile task force, which is to make the eastern flank of NATO safer. How far are you with it?

We are nearing the realization of our plans, including the necessary infrastructure. We know from the Russian military exercises that Russia can move 100 000. soldiers very quickly. We have responded and the NATO Response Force, so to speak, our firefighters, reinforced, 13 000 to 30 000 men. NATO has also decided to make these forces available more quickly, thus reducing the alarms. And we need a spearhead, a sort of scouts who can start immediately. This is on the order of a brigade, good 5,000 men, supported by ships and aircraft, which can be moved within a week to counter a possible attack. First, they should put off, in the hope that there will be no further.

How credible deterrence may in such outnumbered ever be?

That’s a relatively small troupe 5000-7000 man, so much is true. But its essential value is that it represents more than half of all NATO members. So there are around 20 different countries always on site. And just in case, each nation would be affected. But let me emphasize that: No one in NATO wants to wage a war. But we will protect the population. I believe that President Putin knows it. That’s why I still sleep well.

NATO has Putin challenged by being moved up to close to the Russian borders?

That, sir, is nonsense. NATO is a values-based defense alliance. It is in principle open to like-minded people. Nations seek its own initiative to take charge. The Alliance itself will not do so on fishing expeditions to get more members into the basket.

Former members of the Warsaw Pact now belong to NATO and are still equipped with Russian military technique. Delivering the Russians still spare parts?

Currently, they do not. I hear you supplied on the open market.

Putin would be willing to use nuclear weapons against NATO troops?

We consider this issue with great concern. The Russians maintain the tactical use of nuclear weapons in the battle for a possible form of warfare.

I think President Putin is a forward-thinker. But also a gambler. That can also be dangerous. You have to make the cost of the use of [nuclear weapons] so high that it seems too expensive to him for him. Since we are on track. But I want to emphasize that neither NATO nor Domröse consider Russia as an enemy. Very well, but as a threat.

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