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October 21, 2011

The savage torture and murder of former Libyan leader Gaddafi was on full display today to a bloodthirsty world. His capture was a curiously familiar tale: he was “caught like a rat” in a hole. Just like Saddam. One wonders which NGO was subcontracted to write these scripts.

It was perhaps fitting that Gaddafi’s final end was precipitated by a Predator drone strike courtesy of the US military as he attempted to escape his hometown of Sirte. It was NATO, after all, that has murdered the entire country.

French filmmaker Julien Teil’s incredible film, “The Humanitarian War in Libya: There is no Evidence,” lays out very clearly the truth behind the mountain of lies manipulated by NATO to justify its attack on Libya. In the film, the director of the Swiss-based Libyan League for Human Rights, Soliman Bouchuiguir, emerges as the key individual who initiated the UN action against Libya.

In February of this year, the Libyan League, along with the US Government-funded National Endowment for Democracy and 70 other NGOs, sent the initial petition to the UN for the suspension of Libya from the UN Human Rights Council. The petition was based on Bouchuiguir’s claims alone that some 6,000 had been killed by Gaddafi’s regime. Bouchuiguir provided the UN with lurid tales of Gaddafi’s “scorched earth policy” and his militia’s “massive attacks against civilians.” These acts are “crimes against humanity,” he testified to the UN. On May 31, Bouchuiguir’s NGO reported a staggering 18,000 murdered, 46,000 wounded, 28,000 missing, 1,600 rapes, and 150,000 refugees at the hands of the Gaddafi regime. Asked in the film where he got his figures, he replied that he got them from the National Transitional Council — the rebels!


It was this petition and Bouchuiguir’s claims that were the basis for everything that was to come, culminating in the NATO destruction of Libya and today’s bloody murder of Gaddafi and his entourage. The United Nations did not investigate Bouchuiguir’s claims before they were used by the UN Security Council to bolster their efforts to pass UN Security Council Resolution 1973, opening the door to NATO bombs!

In the film, Bouchuiguir is pressed to advise journalists who go to Libya how they can document his claims about the Gaddafi regime. I hate to be a film spoiler, but in the climax of the film we can see Bouchuiguir asked again and again for evidence to back up his claims. Finally, without a bit of shame, he flatly states, “there is no evidence.”

Libya was bombed by NATO based on a dirty lie. Just like Iraq. Now the sights are all set on Syria. Does anyone care?

(Thanks to Tony Cartalucci’s terrific blog, Land Destroyer, for originally writing about this film.)

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