The U.S. Navy has deployed a team of cyber security experts to join the military’s ongoing investigation into the fatal collision of the USS John McCain off the coast of Singapore last month, according to the deputy chief of naval operations for information warfare.

Vice Adm. Jan Tighe, who serves as the director of naval intelligence, said Thursday the Navy dispatched to Singapore its Cyber Command 10th Fleet, along with a team of technical experts from Naval Sea Systems Command and Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, “to confirm that cyber had no role” in the Aug. 21 incident that killed ten U.S. soldiers.

“We have no indications or reason to believe that there was a malicious cyber attack that had an effect on either [USS] Fitzgerald or McCain, but we’ve assembled a team … to go out on the ground and look for and assess any anomalous activity that may exist onboard John S. McCain,” Tighe said at an event hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C.

The investigation could take weeks-to-months to complete given its unprecedented nature. The Navy has never before deployed its D.C.-based Cyber Command abroad.

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