Kurt Nimmo
March 20, 2012

Exercise Solid Curtain/Citadel Shield 2012 is now underway around the country on 44 Navy installations. Navy officialdom explains that the “annual exercise is designed to enhance the training and readiness of Navy security forces to respond to threats to installations and units,” reports KAPS 660AM in Mount Vernon, Washington.

“The Exercise Plan requires full implementation and sustainment of elevated force protection conditions for at least 48 hours and is anticipated to be from about 12 p.m. on Thursday, March 22 to 12 p.m. Saturday, March 24,” reports TheBayNet.

WAVY-TV 10 in Norfolk, Virginia, reports that the Navy conducted “chilling scenarios” at Joint Expeditionary Base Little-Creek Fort Story in Hampton Roads on Monday.

One scenario involved a military person who went ballistic after serving numerous tours of duty in Afghanistan. “During Monday’s training scenario, an American sailor has turned his weapon against his shipmates and is threatening the security of the harbor,” WAVY-10 reports today.

WAVY-10 cites the murder of civilians in Afghanistan, allegedly by a U.S. soldier, and notes “the stress of combat can be overwhelming and lead to bizarre and violent behavior.”

“At a time when service members are being asked to serve multiple deployments, preparing for this type of scenario is become increasingly more important.”

Soldiers freaking out after numerous tours of duty is now apparently considered terrorism by the government. Solid Curtain-Citadel Shield 2012 is billed as an anti-terrorism exercise.

Otherwise, it is business as usual in America now that we are told we must endure these exercises – attack helicopters flying overhead and (as in the above video) machine guns rattling – for the foreseeable future (because the war on terror is endless).

“Measures have been taken to minimize disruptions to normal base and station operations, but there may be times when the exercise causes increased traffic around bases or delays in base access. Area residents may also see increased security activity associated with the exercise,” notes DCMilitary.com.

In other words, the exercise will also serve to acclimate the public – as have numerous previous exercises – to the idea that it is really quite normal to have the military running around in combat gear and acting as if the country has been attacked by al-Qaeda, or short of that one of their own who has freaked out after witnessing the horrors of Afghanistan or Iraq a half dozen times or more.

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