The Navy fired a civilian whistleblower who uncovered life-threatening safety risks to pilots and others from the improper testing of aircraft fueling equipment and jet fuel itself that could degrade aircraft engines, cause engine surging and, in worst-case scenarios, flameouts.

The firing came June 8, the same day Rep. Walter Jones (R., N.C.) sent the Office of Special Counsel (OSC), an internal federal government watchdog, a letter asking it to investigate the whistleblower’s remaining concerns about his treatment at his workplace, the Navy’s Fleet Readiness Center-East (FRC-E).

The whistleblower, Glenn Schwarz, is one of Jones’s constituents, and FRC-E in Cherry Point, N.C., is located in his district.

The facility provides maintenance and repair to “virtually every weapons platform the Marine Corps has flown—from the inverted gull-wing F4U Corsair of WWII fame to the Corps’ Newest airplane, the F-35B Lightning II” as one of the Navy’s eight fleet readiness centers, according to its website.

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