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December 6, 2013

Like something out of a movie and after 6 years of planning the U.S Navy has successfully launched its first Ariel drone from submarine. Dubbed ‘Sea Robin’ it’s used for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions, is fully autonomous and able to stay in flight for over 6 hours reports

“Developing disruptive technologies and quickly getting them into the hands of our sailors is what our program is all about,” said Craig A. Hughes, Acting Director of Innovation at the Office of Naval Research(ONR).

This is not science fiction; this is the world we live and technology like this is only going to increase. The FAA predicts as many as 7,500 commercial drones within the next five years. There has also been legislation to allow the use of drones by police departments.  Colorado is even offering Drone Hunting Permits with a $100 bounty. The implications of having automated craft is that of no accountability. You cannot hold a drone accountable for death. Already we have 900 civilian deaths overseas from the military’s use of drones.

“Don’t Tase Me Bro” will soon turn into Don’t Drone me Bro. We see the abuse of so called non-lethal force from tasers, should we just assume death once there’s thousands of drones in the sky?

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