Adan Salazar
November 5, 2012

Claiming the only thing she did wrong was advise a friend of her rights, a North Carolina woman filed a complaint with the Durham police department alleging she was shoved to the floor then repeatedly punched in the face by a police officer while at a friends’ home Halloween weekend.

Stephanie Nickerson, 25, a Navy veteran, says one moment she was telling a friend she had the right to refuse a police search of her home, and the next she was being held by her neck on the floor getting punched in the face and head by a Durham police officer.

“He was like put your arms behind your back, and I jerked my arm away and said no I haven’t done anything wrong. And immediately after I jerked my arm back he threw me on the ground, he held me by my neck, and punched me repeatedly in my face and head,” Nickerson told WTVD.

The incident took place after police responded to a disturbance call. Nickerson was left with a broken nose and a black eye, but police are claiming she was at fault and are even charging her with resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer.

Fortunately, one party-goer captured cell phone video of the event which can hopefully serve to corroborate Nickerson’s version of events.

What little can be seen in the video presented by WTVD is dark and grainy, but a man yelling, “Don’t hit her man, don’t hit her, come on bro, that’s a female,” is clearly heard.

A witness explained that the officer showed no restraint, even while attacking his female victim. “He was hitting her with all his force. I could see him going all the way back, hitting her as hard as he could, and there was nothing I could do,” Tahveya Platt told WTVD.

According to NBC17, the video also shows Nickerson resisting arrest and cursing at officers, a response Nickerson says came after she was brutishly savaged.

Filing false charges is a frequently tapped sleight-of-hand trick in the grab bag of police CYA (Cover Your Arse) procedures. Time and time again, corrupt cops attempt to mask or deflect their devious actions by entering false charges against their victims, making any attempts at legal retribution difficult uphill battles.

Reportedly, the Durham police department declined to comment.

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