Navy says “shelter in place,” while DHS says use scissors to defend yourself

Julie Wilson
September 16, 2013

Reports have confirmed at least 12 dead and many more injured after multiple gunman allegedly opened fire inside the Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters building Monday morning in D.C.

Police say three shots were fired around 8:20 a.m. in building #197. Reports have varied regarding how many shooters were involved. Initially there were believed to be three shooters, now reports are alleging two shooters were involved, one wearing fatigues.

The Navy has issued a “shelter-in place” order for personnel, which seems to fall right in line with the notion that you’re not supposed to adequately defend yourself in the event of a mass shooting, but instead put your life and safety completely in the hands of police and other local authorities.

Just a month after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) posted a video on their website titled “Options for Consideration Active Shooter Training Video” that provided instructions on how to deal with a mass shooting at work. In January, Infowars covered the story pointing out the ridiculousness of advising victims to bring scissors, or a fire extinguisher to a gun fight.

Sheltering in place is just as ridiculous as the DHS advising victims to use scissors to defend themselves. Of course, nowhere in the video does DHS mention that victims should own or use a firearm, because that would mean victims aren’t relying on police or government to keep them safe.

DHS doesn’t want you to be armed, but they have no problem stockpiling massive amounts of ammunition for “personal defense.”

Sheltering in place in the midst of a mass shooting confines victims, leaving them nothing more than sitting ducks, giving the shooter the opportunity to take even more lives.

Tweets ran rampant as news of the shooting spread.




The White House made it clear in their statement this morning that they want to make sure you are following orders and listening to authorities.

The province appears to be in complete disarray, grounding flights at Reagan National Airport and even placing at least ten schools on lock down.

New York Times’ latest reports confirm one gunman dead and possibly two others at large.

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