September 13, 2012

American former professional basketball player, Theo Ratliff joined Alex yesterday to discuss his miraculous recovery after sustaining game-halting injuries. Primarily a center, Theo was also an excellent shot-blocker, leading the league three times in blocks per game. The shot-blocking center has played for the Philadelphia 76ers, the Atlanta Hawks, the Minnesota Timberwolves and the LA Lakers to name a few.

Also known as “The Rattler,” Theo’s expansive NBA career required him to be on his best game every day. Theo’s chain of injuries began when he banged knees with a fellow basketball player, causing a micro-fracture requiring surgery. Next he fractured his wrist and needed to trade out to Philadelphia while he recovered. Theo sustained yet another injury after recovering, this time tearing one of the ligaments in his hip.

After undergoing surgery after surgery, Theo was sure he could see his retirement coming up fast, but when he heard someone talking about the importance of minerals to a teammate he saw a lot of correlations with what he himself had experienced.

Theo learned about minerals, nutrients and the different deficiencies caused by each, and began a daily regimen to which he held so strict that he earned his own patented blend of nutrients.

As athletes are so active, they are definitely a group more at risk of running into nutrient depletion. When athletes sweat, their bodies are exhausted of more than just water, and most thirst-quenching sports drinks only replenish a fraction of what’s actually expended.

The benefits of replacing lost minerals are evident in the extra 10 years Theo added to his career after starting down the natural road to his recovery, aided by Dr. Joel Wallach’s years of knowledge and advice.

Theo’s currently maintaining his health with the Healthy Start Pack and his unique blend of sports recovery minerals found in Rebound Fx Citrus Punch Powder, both available through

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