NBC downplayed its own poll showing that Latinos are divided over Obama’s expected amnesty for millions of illegals.

The poll, which NBC conducted with the Wall Street Journal, asked Americans what they thought about President Obama’s plan to use an executive order to allow millions of illegals to stay in the U.S.

“Latinos are divided, with 43% supporting the action and 37% opposing it,” NBC News reported, and the other 20% are presumably unsure.

However, in the next sentence, NBC suggested the numbers were flawed and shouldn’t be trusted.

“But the sample size here is small (just 110 Latino respondents), so the numbers have a high margin of error,” the article added.

It’s unusual for a news outlet to trash its own poll.

“You NEVER see that kind of commentary on a poll write-up because it undermines their own poll,” Josh Jordan, a self-described polling enthusiast, tweeted.

But it would be expected, however, if the poll was conducted to serve a predetermined agenda, in this case to cheerlead for Obama’s amnesty proposal, and showing that Latinos are actually divided over amnesty doesn’t serve the agenda because it keeps the establishment from falsely labeling amnesty opponents as “racists.”

This is part of a broad “divide and conquer” strategy to characterize conservatives, constitutionalists and libertarians as extreme racists who should be discounted from political discourse because these groups combined are capable of successfully opposing the establishment on issues such as amnesty.

“The mainstream media and those that control both political parties love to play ‘divide and conquer,’ and in America today we are taught to pick one political ‘team’ and to absolutely hate those on the other side,” political commentator Michael Snyder wrote. “But instead of two real choices, what we really have is a false left/right paradigm.”

“The reality is that the two political parties are controlled by the same people at the highest levels.”

On Thursday, President Obama is expected to announce that he will use an executive order to prevent millions illegals from being deported and will likely flesh out details of his plan on Friday.

The last time the federal government enacted amnesty, however, it caused illegal immigration to explode.

“The new Immigration Naturalization Service estimates show that the 1986 amnesty almost certainly increased illegal immigration, as the relatives of newly legalized illegals came to the United States to join their family members,” Steven A. Camarota wrote in 2000. “The flow of illegals grew dramatically during the years of the amnesty to more than 800,000 a year, before dropping back down to around 500,000 a year.”

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