NBC News New York attempted to blame President-Elect Donald Trump and his incoming chief strategist and former Breitbart News CEO, Stephen Bannon, for alleged hate crimes across the country.

Titled “More Hate Crimes Reported Despite Trump’s Call to ‘Stop It,’” NBC News blamed Trump and Bannon for four alleged hate crimes and statistics from the liberal advocacy organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center:

Nearly a week after the election of Donald Trump, reports of hateful intimidation or harassment continue. The Southern Poverty Law Center said it had received 437 reports of such incidents between Wednesday, Nov. 9 and Monday, Nov. 14.

Most of the cases appear to involve graffiti or intimidation directed at racial or ethnic minorities and in some reports the perpetrators indicated support for Trump.

Ryan Lenz, a spokesman for the anti-intolerance watchdog said acts of hate and intimidation occurred in the U.S. during the campaign season with SPLC tracking the high-profile cases. But those incidents have increased sharply since Election Day on Nov. 8.

Buried in Lenz’s quote for NBC News, he notes “that the reports ‘are not completely confirmed.’”

NBC News goes on to mention how the hate crimes are allegedly continuing, despite Trump telling CBS News’ 60 Minutes that agitators should “stop it.”

What is not mentioned is how CBS News actually held Trump’s denouncing of the alleged hate crimes until two days after the interview was filmed.

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