NBC, owner of BuzzFeed, embellishes MI6 principal suspect in Trump “dirty dossier” caper

Ever the water carrier for the Central Intelligence Agency, NBC News is feebly attempting to burnish the credentials of the ex-MI6 British intelligence officer who is believed to be the principal collator – not author – of the “dirty dossier” on Donald Trump.

In a story written by four reporters, NBC is reporting that Christopher Steele, the former MI6 agent posted to Moscow, is a real life “James Bond.”

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The chief media defenders of the CIA and MI6 had to do something to deal with the comment WMR’s editor gave to Radar Online about the dossier: “The entire script is more Austin Powers than James Bond.”

NBC News has been in the tank for the CIA ever since the days when the network was owned by RCA and its CEO David Sarnoff.

A close friend of CIA director Allen Dulles, Sarnoff regularly assisted the CIA in its international and domestic media propaganda operations, a project generally known as Operation MOCKINGBIRD.

NBC’s treatment of the Trump dossier, which, without any evidence, reports that Trump engaged in sex orgies and viewed a “golden shower” performance by Russian prostitutes while visiting Russia, is in line with the network’s longtime advancement of CIA-spun “news” stories.

NBC owns BuzzFeed.com, the entity that published the 35-page dossier without any evidence that it was authentic. WMR reported to Radar Online that the dossier, with its misspellings and format, is a fake.

Trump echoed our report in a tweet sent in the early morning of January 13: “It now turns out that the phony allegations against me were put together by my political opponents and a failed spy afraid of being sued. Totally made up facts by sleazebag political operatives, both Democrats and Republicans – FAKE NEWS!”

After leaving MI-6 in 2009, Steele, who Trump refers to in his tweet, set up with another colleague, Orbis Business Intelligence, a private intelligence firm in London. It is being reported that both Jeb Bush’s campaign and that of Hillary Clinton contracted with Orbis to dig up dirt on Trump during the presidential campaign.

NBC quoted British spy pulp fiction author Nigel West in its claim that Steele is a real-life James Bond. NBC’s use of West as a principal source is problematic.

West is the nom de plume of Rupert Allason, a former Conservative MP in the British Parliament.

Allason is a vexatious litigator who has used Britain’s liberal laws on bringing libel suits to take his critics to court.

In a 2001 libel case brought by Allason, one which he lost, the trial judge stated that Allason was “a profoundly dishonest man” and “one of the most dishonest witnesses I have ever seen.”

Allason was later threatened with contempt of court over his refusal to pay damages in the case. No problem for NBC News, however, which used him as a source to pump up the credentials of Mr. Steele.

Interestingly, the Kremlin said the dossier was a work of “pulp fiction.” They are pretty close to the truth.

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