Social media users blasted NBC after the network penned a hit piece about a sports blog on Saturday, claiming the website fosters “hypermasculine, sports-loving men and hypersexualized, submissive women.”

“Conservative ideology appears to be a core part of Barstool Sports — especially its portrayal of gender roles, with hypermasculine, sports-loving men and hypersexualized, submissive women,” NBC reported. “The site’s reinforcement of conservative American values is what makes its content stand out from its competitors.”

The hit piece didn’t even go after any articles by the Barstool Sports in particular, instead targeting the comments section.

Bartool Sports Editor-in-Chief Keith Markovich responded with a blistering rebuke to NBC’s hit piece, saying that no readers of the blog would characterize the publication as having a “conservative ideology.”

“Out of all the false narratives about Barstool, the ‘politically conservative’ is right at the top of the list of the most mind-blowing,” he wrote. “It is a narrative created by consuming literally zero content produced by Barstool employees and reading nothing but comment sections.”

“There is not a person alive that consumes Barstool Sports and classifies us as ‘conservative ideology,'” he continued. “Honestly I can’t think of better proof that a website is apolitical than 50% of people thinking you’re libs, 50% thinking you’re MAGA Trumpers, and 100% of the employees who work and write there saying ‘we literally do not know one single thing about politics please just laugh at my dick joke.'”

Markovich also pointed out that the purportedly “hypermasculine” and woman-hating website’s top three executives are all women, including the CEO Erika Nardini.

Users on social media also criticized NBC for stirring up fake news controversy.

Fake News hit pieces don’t pack quite same the punch that they used to – probably because these days they usually fall apart in less than 24 hours.

The Globalists are scrambling to reclaim the public narrative from the truth in order to defeat President Trump.

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