NBC News smeared triple amputee Iraq war vet Brian Kolfage – the man behind the GoFundMe of the border wall – because the purple heart recipient once ran a right-wing Facebook page.

Is there no low to which the mainstream media won’t stoop?

In an article entitled Founder of viral fundraiser for Trump’s border wall has questionable news past, Ben Collins and Brandy Zadrozny try to impugn Kolfage’s credibility by dropping the *bombshell* revelation that he once ran a conservative Facebook page called Right Wing News.

The horror!

The page was banned by Facebook earlier this year as part of the social media giant’s purge of anti-establishment political content.

According to NBC News, the page “frequently trafficked in conspiracy theories,” which to the mainstream media means anything that counters their narrative.

In claiming Kolfage has a “questionable past,” NBC News and others are clearly lobbying GoFundMe to remove the page and deplatform the Iraq war vet.

Of course the real reason the media is going after Kolfage is that his GoFundMe effort has been incredibly successful, raising over $13 million dollars in the space of just four days.



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