Meet the Press’s Chuck Todd on Sunday had to acknowledge President Trump is “winning,” as Dems are “reeling.”

The NBC network anchor, dubbed, “Sleepy Eyes” by Trump, admitted the President’s agenda is moving forward unimpeded, much to Dems’ dismay.

“The announced retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy this week helped make one political reality clear — despite his overall unpopularity, President Trump is winning, and the Democrats right now are reeling,” said a notably disturbed Todd.

(Todd mentioned Trump’s “overall unpopularity,” while going on in the very next breath to say his approval rating among Republicans is at 90 percent.)

“The Supreme Court – Mr. Trump is about to shape the court for a generation by choosing a possible tie-breaking conservative justice, and he’s already filled the lower courts with like-minded conservatives,” an appalled Todd read off his teleprompter.

“How about the Republican party? The president’s approval rating among Republicans is around 90 percent. Elected Republicans fear criticizing him,” Todd continued.

Todd next takes issue with Trump’s “fake news” label, saying he “wins” on either side of the debate. Trump has long considered NBC one of America’s biggest fake news purveyors.

“How about fake news? Mr. Trump has turned that phrase, which initially referred to the phony Russian generated stories designed to support his campaign in 2016, into an applause line now to discredit responsible reporting showcasing his misdeeds.”

“If reporters faithfully fact check the president’s serial misstatements they risk being considered biased. If they don’t, misstatements gain traction. Either way, Mr. Trump wins.”

Later in the monologue, Todd refuses to give Trump credit for the booming economy, saying, “It is doing well, but it was doing well before he took office. Yet with unemployment down and jobs being created, President Trump is getting this credit.”

With the massive amount of fake news just in Todd’s intro, it’s no wonder a majority of Americans are largely distrustful of the mainstream media.

The biased Meet the Press host was nicknamed “Sleepy eyes” by Trump back in 2012, likely due to his eyes appearing sleepy all the time.

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