November 19, 2012

Following a recent victory at the ballot box for Wichita, Kansas voters over the proposed fluoridation of their city’s water supply, an empowered Infowarrior has made waves appearing on a local ABC affiliate to warn his fellow citizens against the dangers of adding the toxic waste product to drinking water.

When Corey Sturmer of Durham, North Carolina learned that his teeth were suffering from fluorosis, an enamel disturbance correlated with high exposure to fluoride, he began questioning the additive’s content in his tap water.

“I asked my dentist … is there fluoride in the drinking water? And he said, yeah … it’s good for your teeth. So then I began to wonder, if it’s so good for your teeth, why am I, at 25 years old, having all these issues with my teeth?” Sturmer told WTVD.

Sturmer next stumbled across an old report from his local ABC affiliate that aired years prior in which a dentist was advocating against fluoridation. It was this report, Sturmer said, that motivated him to reach out to the local news crew and get the word out on fluoridation.

He created a website for residents eager to learn how to get active in the fluoride fight,, and so far he’s seen a positive response from the community.

Sturmer’s relentless activism and enthusiasm encouraged ABC11 to conduct an in-depth investigation and air a special presentation exposing the untold dangers of consuming fluoridated water.

The hard-hitting exposé seemed more like an Infowars Nightly News report than something you’d see on regular TV, and presented evidence that fluoride is a powerful poison that can lead to hyperthyroidism, bone disorders and lower IQ’s in children.

“As the I-Team dug into the science behind the fluoride controversy, we found study after study dating back to the 80s from respected academic and scientific institutions that connect fluoride to health dangers. Some of the studies were funded by the government. They suggest fluoride can be linked to brain, blood and bone deficiencies in humans. This past summer, Harvard University released a report after reviewing 27 studies of children in China exposed to fluoride. It concluded the higher the fluoride exposure, the lower the child’s IQ.”

According to the news report, Sturmer’s protest raised enough clamor for the Durham County Public Health Department to look into the issue.

This is just one example of the profound effect one person standing up for what is right can have.

Definite kudos to Corey Sturmer.

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