Superior Court Judge Arnold Ogden Jones II has been charged with trying to bribe an FBI agent with beer and cash to obtain copies of text messages involving members of his family.

Jones, the senior resident superior court judge in a judicial district that includes Wayne, Lenoir and Greene counties, is accused of texting the agent on Oct. 10, trying to get copies of text messages exchanged between two numbers. The FBI can only obtain those records with a warrant approved by a federal magistrate judge on suspicion of criminal activity.

According to the indictment, the judge told the agent the messages were “just for [him]” and “involve[d ] family members.”

On Oct. 19, the FBI agent told the judge there wasn’t the legally required probable cause to get the texts, but would continue to try if the judge desired.

The indictment states that the judge said: “I want down low — see what you can do without drawing attention….This involves family so I don’t want anybody to know.”

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