With the Jade Helm exercises two months away, a poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports shows that 45% of voters believe the government will use the massive training operations to impose greater control over some states.

A mere 21% believe the exercises are an infringement on states’ rights, while 62% do not.

52% are not worried about the exercises and do not believe there are ulterior motives behind them.

The numbers are surprising considering a poll release in late April found that 62% of Americans believe the federal government enjoys too much power at the expense of the individual.

“Just 10% think the opposite, that there is too much individual freedom and too little government power,” Rasmussen noted.

Corporate Media Propaganda

The inability to recognize the threat of a standing army conducting large military exercises is largely due to establishment media propaganda.

“The national media has barely mentioned these efforts and local media chooses to mostly ignore the work,” writes Carol Miller, and “is not focusing on the tremendous financial cost, the potential environmental consequences, or the unconstitutionality of the plan. The media of both the left and the right are using the plan as yet another convenient tool in enabling the divide and conquer strategy of the Pentagon.”

Alex Newman documents attempts by the corporate media to downplay and ignore the threat posed by Jade Helm.

“Rather than focusing on or at least acknowledging the well-documented concerns expressed by Americans across the political spectrum, or on the reasons why Americans are so suspicious of their federal government, the establishment press would rather cite seemingly outrageous theories and demonize everyone who does not reflexively trust official pronouncements. The irony is that real journalists are supposed to question such pronouncements — not parrot them uncritically and demonize those who do question,” Newman writes.

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