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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Neo-Con media whores are still having difficulty getting their facts straight on Alex Jones’ confrontation of Michelle Malkin on Monday at the DNC, and remain persistent with their bald faced lie that Jones advocated violence against the columnist.

“If you repeat a lie long enough, and loud enough, it becomes truth,” said Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, and it appears as though Neo-Con bloggers have taken the words of one of their heroes to heart.

That’s right – drooling, Mom’s basement dwelling, fake right-wing hacks are still reporting that Alex Jones and/or his supporters shouted “kill Michelle Malkin” even after we exposed the individuals concerned to be agent provocateurs intent on demonizing legitimate protesters by making inflammatory statements.

Malkin herself appeared on Fox and Friends, the show that regularly serves up a morning diet of mindless celebrity bile along with Neo-Con talking points and anti-American propaganda, to discuss the incident with the ever willing brownshirt propagandist host Steve Doocy, who continued to lump in Re-Create 68 provocateurs with the distinctly different 9/11 truth movement.

Watch the clip.

“In a sorry attempt to re-create Abbie Hoffman’s satirical stunt aimed at levitating the Pentagon, a dozen Re-create ‘68 stragglers dressed up like the cast of Harry Potter, wielded magic wands and joined hands to float the Denver Mint,” writes Malkin in her syndicated column today. “The Mint stayed firmly on the ground. To salvage the abysmal turnout, an unhinged contingent of 9/11 conspiracy theorists started barking at me. One buffoon shouted, “Kill Michelle Malkin,” while the levitation experts chanted, “Peace and Justice!” and a wizard paraded around in his “Arrest Bush” T-shirt with Che Guevara promoters tossing fake quarters in the air.”

“Desperate to salvage the fizzled demonstration, 9/11 nutball Alex Jones started barking at me and attempting to make a scene and incite a riot,” Malkin further elaborates.

The foundation of Malkin’s riposte, that Alex Jones decided to confront her in order to salvage a failed protest, is nothing more than a bald faced lie. The Denver Mint protest was wholly organized and attended by members of Re-Create 68, and not by “9/11 conspiracy theorists”.

Indeed, the 9/11 truth movement’s shutdown of Chris Matthews’ MSNBC show was a wild success, in comparison to the pathetic spectacle of the phony left-wing group Re-Create 68, adorned in ludicrous wizard outfits, and their self-defeating attempts to “levitate” the Denver Mint.

Malkin’s feigned outrage may fool Fox News’ rapidly declining number of geriatric viewers, but the real outrage is the fact that this anti-American piece of filth is still given a platform after she wrote a book advocating government critics, Muslims and other designated undesirables be put in internment camps. Malkin is also a staunch torture advocate and likes to spend her time defending people who kill puppies. Nice lady. When Alex Jones called her a “monster” he was doing her a favor. The real depth of this little bitch’s evil cannot be expressed by mere words alone.

Another blow-hard who can’t get his facts straight is Andrew Bolt of the Australian Herald Sun, who writes on his blog, ”Kill Michelle Malkin!” Just another peace protest. The puffed-up thug at the head of the mob, some of whom shout death threats against Malkin, is radio “host” Alex Jones.”

The fact that those shouting “Kill Michelle Malkin” were also screaming “Alex Jones is a capitalist stooge” goes ignored by Bolt, who lumps in Re-Create 68’s provocateurs with Jones, seemingly satisfied with spewing a one sentence hit piece rather than telling the truth about the incident.

Dozens of phony conservative right-wing blogs have parroted the “kill Michelle Malkin” ad hominem smear attack, in most cases without retractions. Respondents to such articles have largely attacked the writers as having got the facts completely backward, but the lie continues to be replicated.

We are also forced to stomach yellow tabloid headlines like “Mint Levitation Event Degenerates into Attack on Woman” and “Blogger Michelle Malkin Attacked in Denver near DNC08″ – quite how shouting at someone constitutes an “attack” is not explained. Another article frames it as a “mob attack on conservative commentator Michelle Malkin”. In reality, the only people engaged in violence and assault were Malkin’s self-appointed bodyguards, who elbowed and shoved Jones and his crew. One particularly aggressive character was the guy in the black Darth Vader shirt and glasses shown behind Malkin in the following picture. He physically assaulted both Jones and his cameraman Rob Jacobson.

“This is the second time that a Fox News commentator has been accosted by members of Recreate 68 since convention festivities began Sunday,” continues the article. Wrong again. Alex Jones is not a member of Re-Create 68 and in fact has been harassed constantly by them all week.

“Jones, accompanied by little more than a handful of protesters that showed up for the event were documented chanting “Kill Michelle Malkin,” only moments after chanting their previous refrain of “Love! Peace! Justice!” claims another blog.

As we pointed out, the provocateurs chanting “Kill Michelle Malkin” were part of a group who had that same day attempted to bullhorn Alex Jones himself, but the guilt-by-association smear tactic is woven seamlessly into the hit piece.

We are putting neo-con blogs on notice – any attempt to imply that Alex Jones advocates violence against Michelle Malkin – when such comments were clearly made by individuals who had no connection to Alex Jones – will be judged on a case by case basis and defamation charges will be considered should any consequences arise from these lies.

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