Kurt Nimmo
March 6, 2008

It was inevitable. Neocon bloggers, hardly satisfied at the ineffectiveness and lethargy of the antiwar movement, are insinuating a reemergence of the Weather Underground and the SLA after a hooded somebody on a bicycle placed a flash-boom device at a recruitment center located in Times Square.

“Now the movement has decided to morph into domestic terrorism,” writes Hot Air, a blog appropriately entitled. “Of course, the people responsible will claim that they bombed the office during the night to keep anyone from being hurt. That’s exactly the same kind of rationalization that people like the Weather Underground and the SLA used at first, anyway — that terrorism was justified by their politics. In fact, a few like William Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn still claim that.”

Hot Air looks backward at the late 60s and early 70s when COINTELPRO agents provocateurs gave the antiwar movement a bad name. His leap in logic is reminiscent of the tripe put out by the neocon New York Post prior to the last Republican National Convention. “A number of extremists with ties to the 1970s radical Weather Underground have recently been released from prison and are in New York preparing to wreak havoc during the Republican National Convention, The Post has learned,” the Post prattled. “A top-level source with extensive knowledge of police plans wouldn’t disclose the names of the aging rabble-rousers but said a handful of them are already here and will play a behind-the-scenes role in attempting to disrupt the GOP gala.”

It was pure nonsense, as nothing happened at the convention, nothing of the sort feverishly dreamed up by neocons, that is. Instead, 1,800 protesters were arrested, 1,700 of them for no reason at all except to strike fear into the hearts of people who believe the First Amendment of the Constitution means what it says. In fact, the NYPD had planned in advance to arrest hundreds of people and even gave their plan an appropriate name: Operation Overlord II, a reference to the Allied invasion of Normandy, which was codenamed Overlord. In New York during the RNC, the cops – at the behest of the real overlords — invaded the First Amendment.

Mr. fetid Hot Air cites a blog entry by Catherine Moy on Melanie Morgan’s blog. “Attacks against military recruiters and their offices are growing around the United States, spurred by anti-American anarchists who thrash the centers, assault and batter people, and intimidate those who want to serve their country,” writes Moy. “Though they pride themselves on being “anarchists,” these groups are well organized and disciplined in their attacks. Once an action begins, the fervor of destruction feeds on itself and others join in. The events are not unlike attacks from packs of rabid dogs.”

Bernardine Dohrn
  Above: Bernardine Dohrn. Hot Air looks backward at the late 60s and early 70s when COINTELPRO agents provocateurs gave the antiwar movement a bad name

Maybe rabid dogs of the sort that work for the police? Recall police agents provocateurs stirring up trouble in Montebello last year, or the violent antics of police organized “black bloc” anarchists during the WTO protests in Seattle back in 1999 and the fabrication of evidence by police during the WTO protests in Genoa 2001 in order to justify attacks on peaceful anti-globalist protesters who were portrayed as dangerous anarchists. In November, 2003, during a protest against the Free Trade Area of Americas in Miami, especially egregious police provocateuring was on parade, so much so the United Steelworkers of America called for a congressional investigation. “The globalist elite have demonstratively used provocateuring to demonize all demonstrators attempting to expose their criminality,” writes Steve Watson, but Hot Air, Catherine Moy, and the neocons will have nothing of it.

“The Code Pink protesters who throw paint, rocks, and the unknown terrorists who throw bombs want to disarm the nation while it’s under attack by radical jihadists, and at the same time want to stop young men and women from exercisig (sic) their own choices,” rants Hot Air. “Since the Code Pink contingent and the nutcases who throw bombs can’t possibly win through the democratic process, they want to engage in intimidation — and now terrorism — to frighten people into acquiescence.”


Huh? Code Pink throwing bombs? In fact, Code Pink is non-violent — that is unless you consider protesting in front of a United States Marine Corps Officer Selection Office located in Downtown Berkeley, California, as violence. In February, a scuffle between The World Can’t Wait protesters and police erupted outside of the office and two people were arrested. No bombs or rocks were thrown. But then Hot Air and the neocons have a long and sordid tradition of lies, fabrication, and deception to uphold. No doubt, as well, the neocons consider Henry David Thoreau, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mohandas Gandhi, and Rosa Parks anarchists and terrorists, too.

Code Pink will not throw rocks or bombs, that is not unless the MacArthur Foundation and billionaire financier George Soros want them to. But then, for neocons such as the former Marxist David Horowitz, George Soros is a “liberal” and, who knows, probably an anarchist to boot. In Bushzarro world, the water gets muddy pretty darn fast.

A blogger going by the handle “Confederate Yankee” is a bit more reasonable, but not much. “This was an act of domestic terrorism,” he writes. “I do not, however, feel comfortable blaming any specific anti-war group for this act, or even pinning this as an anti-war act at this point in time…. Whoever built this bomb may have sympathies towards the anti-war movement and/or anti-military feelings, but I would be surprised to find them affiliated officially with any specific anti-war or anti-military group, and would be even more surprised if anyone inside one of these groups had advance knowledge of the attack.” In order to not come off as sounding too complementary, however, he notes that on March 6, 1970, “members of the radical activist group known as the Weather Underground, Diana Oughton, Ted Gold and Terry Robbins, blew themselves straight to hell when the bomb they were building, which was intended to blow up a dance at Fort Dix, exploded in an otherwise quiet New York neighborhood.”

Of course, neocon exuberance would not be complete without the diva of internment camps weighing in. “It has been happening for years — the targeting of military recruiting stations. It happened again this morning,” writes occasional Faux News commentator Michelle Malkin, who means to say people have protested against military recruitment for years, mostly sans violence, that is unless you consider minor vandalism — for instance, red paint splashed on an ROTC station in North Carolina and on an Army recruiting station near the University of Minnesota — as violence. Nothing short of complete acquiescence – or, as Bill O’Reilly would have it, shutting up – works for the neocons.

Point is, the neocon cheerleaders and wannabes — who don’t give a whit about the U.S. military, otherwise they wouldn’t support sending them into the Iraqi meat grinder — love this sort of stuff, as it gives them reason to rant and rave about those of us who consider the Iraq “war” a crime. For the neocons and their blogger sycophants, there is no difference between the Weather Underground, the SLA, and the antiwar movement, never mind the clownish absurdity of such statements. It is simply grist for their demented propaganda mill, cranking out excuses for war crimes and mass murder.

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