Former Secretary of State Colin Powell trashed President Trump on Sunday, declaring that he would vote for Democrat nominee Joe Biden.

Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union”, Powell, who served under former president George W. Bush, said he couldn’t vote for Trump because he “drifted from the Constitution” and because he brought attention to former President Obama’s unusual birth certificate.

“We have a Constitution and we have to follow that Constitution and the President has drifted away from it,” Powell told host Jake Tapper.

Someone should inform Powell that the Democrats have no respect for the Constitution, as the left views it as a racist and outdated document.

Notably, Powell – a supposed Republican – has voted for a Democrat president in every election after Bush.

President Trump fired back at Powell on Twitter, pointing out that Powell totally discredited himself when he repeatedly lied to the American people about “weapons of mass destruction” which served as the pretext for launching the disastrous Iraq War in 2003.

“Colin Powell, a real stiff who was very responsible for getting us into the disastrous Middle East Wars, just announced he will be voting for another stiff, Sleepy Joe Biden. Didn’t Powell say that Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction?” They didn’t, but off we went to WAR!” he tweeted.

Likewise, other neocons like former President Bush and Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) also announced they would not vote for Trump, seemingly under the belief that they can actually sway conservatives, who have given Trump a 96% approval rating, an all-time high.

The fact is, these neocons are still part of the same establishment determined to get rid of Trump in November, so it’s logical that Bush, Romney, Powell, and others are all behind Biden, an entrenched career politician.

Originally appearing in 9/11: Martial Law Rise of The Police State, Alex Jones confronts David Gergen advisor to Presidents Ford, Reagan, GW Bush and Clinton on his membership in the secret society Bohemian Grove. Weaving Spiders Come Not Here.

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