Kurt Nimmo
June 3, 2008

The neocons over at the Weekly Standard are clueless when it comes to Libertarianism, or for that matter plain liberty, as should be a expected for a gaggle of latter day Trotskyites remodeled in the likeness of Leo Strauss and his benefactor, the Nazi crown jurist Carl Schmitt. I reference the following blog entry, dated March 19, in the wake of the Huckster’s comment that Libertarians have no place in the Neocon Party, excuse me the Republican Party:

The Washington Times reports:

Ron Paul says the legions of newcomers his presidential campaign brought to the Republican Party are getting the cold shoulder from John McCain and from the party….

"I don’t think they want them," Mr. Paul told The Washington Times, adding that indifference doesn’t surprise him because the party’s establishment has deserted traditional conservative principles for big government and foreign intervention.

"We don’t agree with them," he says. "We agree with the Old Right, and they’re the New Right, which is ‘The Wrong,’ [because] the New Right has morphed into neoconservative."

Allah beat me to the punch on this, but let me just say to Ron Paul supporters everywhere, and on behalf of the New Right (by which I assume Paul means the Jew Right), get lost.

There should be plenty of room for the Paulnuts in Obama’s big tent. If Rev. Wright isn’t exactly a 9/11 Truther, at least he’s breathed new life into the Pearl Harbor Truther movement. Imagine a newsletter coauthored by the Reverend and Lew Rockwell–now that’s racial harmony.

Funny how these guys are so sensitive about the Jews, but then they really don’t mean it — they simply believe this is a clever way to discredit the Ron Paul Revolution, by way of antisemitism, as of course everybody who is not a neocon is naturally antisemitic. Thankfully, this nonsense does not fly anymore — or at least it does not outside of the confines of the neocon press, particularly Murdoch’s losing venture — at the rate of an astounding million bucks a year — the Weekly Standard. Losers include the worst sort of warmongering neocons — the wunderkind himself, Bill Kristol, Faux News habitué, Fred Barnes, Max Boot, Reuel Marc Gerecht, Robert Kagan, Charles Krauthammer, David Frum (who likes to slap around photographers), and strangely (or not) the Swanson baby and professed libertarian (small "l") Tucker Carlson.

It is kind of funny, though, the PNAC criminal and member the U.S. Department of Defense’s Bloggers’ Roundtable — please, try not to scoff — Michael Goldfarb would suggest the "Paulnuts" (for neocons, anything approaching the Constitution is nutty) go flock under "Obama’s big tent." Actually, the neocons — maybe I should call them "neocon-nuts," naw, doesn’t roll off the tongue right — are closer to the ideology of Obama than anybody associated with Ron Paul.


Because Obama wants to bomb Iran, too.

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