March 4, 2010

David Brooks — a former lib and New York Times columnist who fell under the spell of the neocon grand daddy Irving Kristol — has told the comedian Stephen Colbert that members of the Tea Party Movement are “Wal-Mart hippies.”

“The Tea Party is where the money is at, baby,” declares Colbert in the sgment. “Why aren’t you saying crazy stuff your in columns and if you pardon the expression, put some asses in the seats?”

“Well, the Tea Parties they’re like the hippies,” Brooks replies. “The hippies wanted to stick it to the man and they were anti-establishment. So the Tea Parties are like the Wal-Mart hippies.”

In other words, according to the elitist snob Brooks, millions of Americans angry about an out-of-control federal government trouncing on the Constitution and Bill of Rights and saddling future generations with an unpayable debt are trailer trash living in the past.

We should be thankful Mr. Brooks has so candidly spoken his mind. It is another example demonstrating how the effete minions of the elite have nothing but contempt and hatred for the American people.

See the video:


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