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Wednesday, Jun 9th, 2010

 Neocon Frum Shills For Bilderberg 280408frumArch Neocon David Frum, the man who coined the term “axis of evil” as a speech writer of George W. Bush, wants us to believe that the Bilderberg Group consists of a washed up group of old men who do not really have any political power or influence, a claim we have consistently debunked.

Writing in the National Post, Frum, who admits to having attended a number of Bilderberg meetings in the 1990s, argues that the group continues to operate in strict secrecy only to stay relevant:

I well understand the group’s intense need for secrecy: If Bilderberg meetings were open to the public — if they were carried live on C-SPAN — the intense global fascination with the mysterious group would vanish at a puff.

Frum argues that Bilderberg is anachronistic and dated and has been replaced by “glitzier” gatherings such as The World Economic Forum in Davos:

The idea of Bilderberg as a shadow world government is rather funny. Bilderberg itself demurs, on grounds that the group only hosts discussions, never adopts resolutions or anything like that. But that’s not the real rebuttal. Unlike Davos, Bilderberg is a membership organization: Most attendees return every year. Over time, this practice has given Bilderberg a distinct yesteryear quality. You were much more likely to meet an “ex” this or “former” that than anyone in office today.

Linking to Charlie Skelton’s London Guardian articles on this year’s Bilderberg meeting, Frum has clearly felt the need to offset the exposure the secretive elite have garnered at this year’s gathering in Sitges, Spain.

His argument that Bilderberg is populated by waning members only elites that return every single year falls flat on its face, however, when you take one look at the attendee list for this year’s meeting.

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Bill Gates, Microsoft founder and CEO of the hugely influential Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, attended for the first time this year to give a key note speech.

The chairmen of Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Santander and Goldman Sachs attended – hardly small fish during the biggest financial crisis since the great depression.

The CEO of Google, Siemens and Telefónica – huge multinational communications companies all attended.

The CEO of Royal Dutch Shell meeting in secret with the US Under Secretary for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs is a clear violation of the Logan Act.

Royalty in the form of the Queen of Spain and the Queen of the Netherlands, and acting players on the world stage – Robert B Zoellick, head of the World Bank, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the Prime Minister of Spain, James B. Steinberg, US Deputy Secretary of State, Richard C. Holbrooke, US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Paul A. Volcker, Chairman of the US Economic Recovery Advisory Board, Javier Solana of the Council of the European Union, Neelie Kroes of the European Commission, Members of the European Parliament, Ministers of Finance and defence from several countries, the list goes on.

These people are not washed up has beens as Frum makes out.

Frum’s claim is also contradicted by Former NATO Secretary-General and Bilderberg member Willy Claes, who recently admitted that Bilderberg attendees are mandated to implement decisions that are formulated during the annual conference of power brokers.

As we pointed out in the article linked above, the continual coming to pass of policies leaked out of Bilderberg meetings indicates that this is exactly what is happening.

Furthermore, we highlighted how Bilderberg is active in choosing presidents and their running mates, prime ministers, and leaders of the European Union. We highlight how Bilderberg was a key initiator of the single European currency, which was only fully adopted 8 years ago.

Aside from his attempts to downplay the influence of the group, Frum reveals that Bilderberg primarily focuses on “the urgency of European integration, and the ever-rising menace of populist conservatism in the United States.”

Here we have a Bilderberg attendee admitting that the rise of political figures such as Rand Paul – whom Frum himself has attacked on several occasions – is a consistent thorn in the side of the Bilderberg globalist agenda.

Frum also openly admits that Bilderberg is populated by Nazis:

Scene: I’m in the hotel bar after a Bilderberg session in Belgium. I get into conversation with an elderly fellow-attendee, a wealthy German businessman. Then: “You know, I was a Nazi.” Weren’t a lot of people? “Oh yes. But I was especially ardent. I volunteered for service in Russia.”

Bilderberg was of course founded by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, a virulent Nazi.

While any right minded person would find it disturbing that former Nazis were meeting in secret with heads of state, leading politicians and CEOs of major global corporations on a yearly basis, Frum seems to find it somewhat charming and part of what he describes as the “distinct yesteryear quality” that attracts him to the gatherings.

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