Kurt Nimmo
June 16, 2008

Neocon Newt Gingrich hates the Constitution and the idea of due process of law. Or at least he hates the idea of Guantanamo prisoners getting a court date. In order to make his point, he has dreamed up a crazy idea — allowing the judicial system to work may result in the nuclear destruction of a U.S. city.

“Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said that the Supreme Court decision to allow enemy combatants to challenge their detention could lead to the nuclear destruction of a U.S. city,” report David Edwards and Andrew McLemore for Raw Story. “The decision marked the third time that the Supreme Court has ruled against the Bush administration’s handling of the Guantanamo prisoners, The New York Times reported Friday.”

Obviously, Gingrich and the neocons dislike the idea of the Supreme Court ruling on judicial matters. Only the “Supreme Leader” — as another neocon, Bill Kristol, deemed Bush — should be allowed to make such decisions.

According to Gingrich, Obama was wrong to support the Supreme Court’s decision to grant habeus corpus rights of Guantanamo prisoners. It was, Newt determined, a decision he called “worse than Dred Scott.” Gingrich said Obama “applauded this court decision. This court decision is a disaster which could cost us a city.”

Newt cited the sensationalistic and undocumented accusation that an international smuggling ring may have secretly shared blueprints for an advanced nuclear weapon with Iran, North Korea and other “rogue countries,” according to the Washington Post. Gingrich cannot prove his accusation because the supposed blueprints “were recently destroyed by the Swiss government under the supervision of the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency to keep them out of terrorists’ hands.”

Once again, the neocons engage in shameless fearmongering in order to get their way and the corporate media does not call them on it. If the neocons get their way — maybe when their man, John McCain, is elected — and news reporters are slapped into prison as traitors (recall James Risen accused of treason back in 2005) after the next terrorist attack the government repeatedly promises will happen, maybe the lapdog media will allow itself a bleat of protest.

Maybe they will then quote pastor Martin Niemöller.

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